Page Critiques

These critiques are designed for writers who want to improve their pages to catch the attention of an agent or editor. Many agents ask for 5-10 pages or the first chapter to be included in the email with the query letter, so you want that sample to be the best thing they’ve read that week. If agents like a query, they may also request a partial of the manuscript, often anywhere from 30-100 pages, or even the full. We’ll help you brush up that first chunk or the entire manuscript—how much is your decision.

This package works through big-picture issues such as character development, marketability, story structure, pacing, tension, world-building, etc, and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. We’ll comment on individual lines as we see smaller issues with wording, action, and voice, and leave longer notes about bigger issues. Our feedback will be honest about the quality and next steps for the manuscript, and we’ll be happy to answer questions you may have. $1/150 words, minimum charge of $20. If you want feedback and edits on your entire manuscript, please contact us for a quote.

K&A Editorial will work with middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction. Non-narrative nonfiction and picture books aren’t our home territory, so we keep our critiques to categories we know well. We respond to pages and queries just like we would if they came through one of our slush piles. If we would pass on the project, we’ll tell you why, and we’ll explain the issues and give examples of how those issues could be resolved. We’re fair and honest, and we believe in showing you what’s fantastic about your material as well as what needs work.

Self-publishing authors, unpublished authors, and agented authors who do not want the entire editorial package from our whole-manuscript editorial services may book this option if they simply want some additional editing assistance with their manuscript.


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