Query letters need to be sharp, focused, voicey, and unique. Many agents deal with hundreds of queries a week, and can only request material from a few. Your query needs to be its best to stand out and get the attention of the agents who are best for your work.

The top reasons we see queries being rejected in slush piles are:

  • Long, vague queries that give all kinds of information, but not what agents need to know
  • Complicated, scattered, unclear plot descriptions that leave the agent confused
  • Queries that neglect industry conventions that informed writers should be following
  • Plot descriptions that focus on story elements that aren’t unique or describe plots we’ve seen too many times before

We’ll help you make sure your query is focused, compelling, and unique. We’ll also work with you on querying conventions and getting your query to the preferred word count. 1 pass over your 1-page query letter is $25. Each additional pass is $10.

Note: query and synopsis critiques are most effective when we know your story and writing style. Page critiques can help us make sure your query matches your pages in voice, and if we’ve read some or all of your manuscript, we can help make sure your query shows the unique and fascinating elements of your story, and we can suggest better options for sharpening the plot descriptions.


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