“The advice and feedback I got from Kate was invaluable to me. Her editorial notes were detailed, thoughtful, and encouraging. Her comments forced me to dig a lot deeper into my story. Besides big picture notes, she also corrected the little things, (Typos, grammar, wording) and took the time to note what she loved about the characters and story. Less than a week after sending my newly revised manuscript out, I had an offer of representation. She did an amazing job, and I highly recommend her critiquing services.” –Angela Cappillo, represented by Leon Husock of the L. Perkins Agency

“The advice and feedback I got back in return was thoughtful, comprehensive and invaluable. (Kate) can tell you if your concept is original or if she’s seen it a hundred times this week. She can point out that teeny incidental thing you did that will make an agent run for the hills. And she can tell you your greatest strengths, so you know what to capitalize on…. She’s honest, fair, and offers an amazing perspective into all those things you wondered as your query letter vanished into cyberspace. She also offers editing services and I will say, I think she’s got the finest hand around….Kate’s your gal.” –Karen Rawson, represented by Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency

“Alex is unparalleled as a copyeditor. Not only did she turn back the manuscript in record time, she gave a detailed explanation for nearly every note she gave me. She didn’t just strike something out, she told me why. For a very low cost, I got an amazing education in grammar! I’ll never confuse the n and m dash again! Alex is patient, intelligent and, like the best professional, kind. She never made me feel like I was bothering her—even with my many follow-up questions. (See what I did? N dash. M dash.) Thank you, Alex, for being so wise!” Bethany Hensel, arts and entertainment writer, author of UNSTOPPABLE (Dec. 2013)

“Kate is straightforward and honest. She’ll pick out the tiny inconsistencies, stilted dialogue, character development problems, grammar concerns, and broader issues that weaken your plot and your manuscript. And when she’s done, she’ll build you back up, identifying the strengths of the manuscript as a whole, including the things she loves about your characters and your story. She’s amazing and her critiques are invaluable.” – Nikki Urang, represented by Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency, and author of THE HIT LIST

“I recently worked with Alex [and her partner, Kate] and they are ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Alex has edited my query letter as well as my first cozy mystery novel, and the results were way beyond what I expected. She’s given me so much to think about with her edit letter as well as her inline comments, and she’s spotted tiny things that I never could’ve picked out myself that really enhance the story. She has even given me great ideas for additional twists and turns and ways to enhance the fun and games of the plot. She’s found a repeat customer here – thank you Alex!” –Gina, YA writer

“Working with Kate Brauning is working with someone who is incredible at what she does. She’s patient, she’s kind, she’s professional. She critiqued my book with impeccable eagle eyes and pointed out the large-scale stuff (character motivation, plot, pacing, voice) and smaller-scale items (typos, grammar, copy inconsistencies) and had the entire manuscript back to me within a week. She opened my eyes to so much. Her editorial notes were detailed and in-depth and made me work harder on my story than ever, but it was worth it. I released my debut in December 2013 and I did so with the utmost confidence because I had Kate’s eyes on it first.” – Bethany Hensel, arts and entertainment writer, author of UNSTOPPABLE


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