Synopses and Pitches

Writing a synopsis can make writers want to change careers, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Many writers struggle with getting character development and cause and effect into their synopsis, or with keeping it from sounding limp and boring.

We’ll help you turn your synopsis into a focused, readable, and comprehensive summary. 1 pass over your 2-page draft is $30. Each additional pass is $15.

Note: query and synopsis critiques are most effective when we know your story and writing style. Page critiques can help us make sure your synopsis matches your pages in voice, and if we’ve read some or all of your manuscript, we can help make sure your synopsis shows the unique and fascinating elements of your story, and we can suggest better options for sharpening the plot descriptions.


We also offer pitch critiques for Twitter pitches and blog contests. We’ve even participated in many of the major contests in the writing community (Kate signed with her agent based on a request that started with a Twitter pitch). If you’d like your materials critiqued, whether it’s for a blog contest, Twitter pitch, or anything else, email us for a quote. Rates are usually $5-$25, depending on the materials required.


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