Whole-Manuscript Editorial

Our whole-manuscript editorial service is a 3-5-round process that includes developmental editing, copy editing, line editing, and proofreading. (If you simply want a one-pass edit of your MS, please see the page critiques tab. We do critique whole MSs for the $1/150-word price.) You’ll receive focused, in-depth attention from your editor, including editorial calls to discuss your manuscript if requested, and we’ll be available for questions and discussion throughout the process. Our editorial services are designed to match the editorial attention you’d receive from a publishing house. This option is designed for authors who are self-publishing or who want additional, in-depth editing of their manuscript.

Developmental edits: This is the first round of edits, in which we provide you with an editorial letter. This covers character development and motivation, concept, plot, pacing, voice, chapter structure, exposition/action balance, and other big-picture issues.

Dev edits, round 2: A second read-through to look over new material, address any new issues that surface during revisions, and fine-tune the story, with chapter notes.

Line edits: A prose-focused edit taking an intensive look at the story line by line. This round covers action clarification, dialogue, character motivation by scene, consistency issues, voice breaks, word choice/diction, cutting/boosting internalization, dialogue tags, scene structure, opening/closing lines, verb tense, point of view issues, etc.

Copy edits: This edit has a mechanical focus. It covers accidental rhyme, sentence structure, word repetition, punctuation, grammar, missing words, misused words, spelling, syntax, paragraphing, abbreviation/number issues, cadence/meter, etc, as well as a final brush over remaining issues from previous rounds.

Proofreading: This is the final round of edits and will cover typos, spacing, dedication, acknowledgements, author bio, copyright page, etc. This will frequently include two reads. Proofreading ensures your book is ready for readers.

Costs usually range from $1,000-$2000 for full-service editing, depending on the length of your  manuscript and how deep of an edit it needs. Payment plans are available.

If you’d like to discuss having your manuscript edited, please email us through the form on the contact page and we will give you a quote.


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